Always add screening questions while posting a job on LinkedIn via email forwards. Here's why.

LinkedIn now supports applying for jobs without a resume. However, if the job has at least one screening question setup, it makes the resume mandatory to upload.

LinkedIn has recently made some changes to how they take in applications.

Of late, LinkedIn has allowed candidates to apply to jobs without uploading a resume. LinkedIn seems to be encouraging its users to refer to LinkedIn profiles as a source of truth for candidates.

LinkedIn also doesn't explicitly give the controls to make resumes mandatory or non-mandatory to the recruiter.

Cutshort requires applicant's resume to create their application. In order to not lose out on any applications getting imported to Cutshort, we'd recommend you always make sure your jobs have a mandatory requirement to upload a resume to apply, else you might see some discrepancy in number of applications received from LinkedIn into Cutshort.

What can be done to avoid getting applications with no resumes?

We've observed that jobs that have at least one screening question setup have mandatory resume upload.