I cannot see/manage the jobs posted by my team on Cutshort. Can I work on those jobs collaboratively with my team members?

Yes, you can hire collaboratively with your team members on Cutshort to close your roles together.

Why aren't you able to see/manage your team members' jobs?

You don't have access to hire collaboratively with your team if:

  • You have signed up on Cutshort without using the invite link from one of your team members.
  • You have selected "Hire separately" option while signing up as shown below-  

Hence, the jobs posted by them are not visible or manageable on your dashboard.

How can you fix this and hire with your team?

  1. Leave your existing company setup on Cutshort. Click on "Stop hiring for this company" here as shown below-

    cs collaborative
    Please note: On doing so, your previous setups (like your jobs/lists/teams, if any) will get deleted and lost. This step cannot be reversed
  2. Ask your team member to share a team invite link with you. They can share the invite link with you by clicking on "Invite user" here and entering your email address-

    cs collaborative 1
    You may also refer: How to invite team members to hire collaboratively
  3. Click on the invite link you have received over email and click on "Join company".

That's it! You can now manage your team members' jobs and close your roles together.