I got logged out from my account since someone else logged in. How to avoid this?

A Cutshort account is meant to be used only by one real person. Sharing your account or credentials with other persons is against the terms of use. If you are using Cutshort for hiring, please purchase subscriptions for your recruiting team.

As per our terms of service, your account credentials should not be shared with other users. 

When Cutshort detects two users logged in to the same account:

  • The other user(s) will be logged out.
  • This event will be recorded. If an account keeps seeing login activity from multiple devices, the account may get blocked permanently without any refunds

Who needs a Recruiter subscription and who doesn't?

You need a Recruiter subscription is needed for

Any user who wants to perform any recruiting action such as:

  • Create or edit a job or any other company details
  • View all the applications (even those not assigned to them)
  • Unlock the profile of any candidate
  • View matches list for a jib
  • View or search candidates in Talent Database 

To purchase a Recruiter subscription for users other than you, please visit the pricing page and click on "Get a callback" button.

Only want your colleagues to interview the candidates?

If your team members only wants to act as an "interviewer", then you do NOT need to buy a paid subscription for them.


  • Can't perform any of the above listed functions performed by recruiters
  • Can only view candidates assigned to them
  • Can't view salary info of the candidates
  • Can chat with the candidates, schedule interviews, send tests, etc.