How to hire at the #Techtonic event and how can I maintain my hiring reputation?

It's important to take fast action on your applications in the event.


How to hire in <Tech>tonic event?

Hiring in Cutshort events is easy

  1. Register for the event.
  2. Post jobs or mark existing jobs for the event.
  3. Clear applications in the event, fast.

Check this 1 min video to see this quickly:

Here is the public dashboard that shows the top companies in the event

To bring trust and transparency to the hiring ecosystem, we have made some data available to the public.


This dashboard is available via this link:

How to maintain and grow your reputation through <Tech>tonic event?

Since events are time-bound and demand special effort from everyone, we really need your best effort to make them successful. 

After all the hard work you have done, you don't want the good candidates to run away from your brand like this, right?

Participating in the event but not taking action on applications negatively impacts your reputation on Cutshort and you might not be allowed to participate in the future events on the platform.

  1. Please check the applications you have received in the event by visiting "Job Pipeline" and applying the filter "Applied in event" as shown in the video above.
  2. If you have too many applications that are not a fit,  you can pick the ones you need and ask our team at to reject the rest. 
  3. Participate in our candid sessions to share about your culture, values and work processes to attract right talent. See a session we held at Techtonic this week. 

    If you are interested in attracting the right talent that fits your culture, you can request a slot in our candid session here.