Can I send assessment tests via CutShort?

Yes, you can send assessments tests from online assessment platforms like DoSelect, Codility, HackerRank, HackerEarth, as well as your in-house assessments too.

Assessment tests are an important part of your hiring process. If not optimized, they can slow down your hiring process or even make it unsuccessful.

Benefits of sending your assessment tests from Cutshort

  1. Effort saving on your part: Manage candidates in one place without switching platforms.
  2. More candidates will take the test: Alerts will be sent via WhatsApp and Voila will send them reminders to take the test.
  3. No delays due to operational effort: Increases your hiring speed due to less operational work involved in sending tests.
  4. Better candidate experience: They get one central place to manage all their conversations without switching to a different system.

What kind of assessment tests can I send and how? 

  1. Tests from online services such as DoSelect, Codility, HackerRank or HackerEarth

    1. Integrate your assessment platform's account with CutShort by updating your API key, access token or client ID under Settings>Integrations:

    2. In your "Job pipeline", under "Applied", click on the automation of any stage. From the automation drop down, choose "Send assessment test" and pick your test provider. You will then be able to see your configured tests:
    3. Select any test and "update stage". 
    4. To trigger the test, just drop any application to the above stage.
      Your AI assistant will not only send the test but also reminders. The score will be shown on the talent card when it becomes available.
  2. Own assessment tests via Google Docs, Dropbox, etc

    1. Go to your job pipeline, and click on the automation of any stage. In the automation drop down, select "Ask something or send a message". Here you can enter the link of your assignment(via Google Doc, Dropbox, etc) to be shared with the candidates. If you wish to share an attachment, just upload the file to a google drive and paste the link here.
    2. Update the stage and drop any candidate here to trigger the message.
    Tip:  If you want to send your own assignments (via Google docs etc) and limit the maximum time allowed to solve them, please check out
Once an assessment is triggered, the candidate gets a notification over the platform, over email and through WhatsApp(if integrated).