Can I search candidates in your database?

Yes. You can manually search candidates by using the filters available in our talent database.

Before we begin:

To search relevant candidates, we suggest you to create jobs (all our plans let you create unlimited number of jobs). For every job, our AI algorithm generates a list of relevant candidates not only using keywords, but the overall context of your job description. Further, these matches are ranked based also on profile match, location, salary, educational background, industry background and and so on, thus saving you the time to apply these as filters.

What are the problems with keyword based manual search?

While manual search using keywords gives you the control, it has certain problems:

  • Keywords don't indicate job function: Candidate's key job function areas are not indicated by keywords. So, searching for javascript will not only give frontend developers, but may result in backend or fullstack developers or even technical recruiters.
  • Expertise in field is not searchable: Using keywords to search for a combination of functional areas such as "backend developer" who has good exposure to "Azure" (or a digital marketer with strong "content writing" experience) is ineffective.
  • Need to stay updated with various keywords: You need to know all the different keywords, and their various versions (such as angular6 and angular8), which is impossible for a human to remember and keep updated.
  • Manually put in all combinations: You might try to enter all possible combinations for identifying a skill ("digital marketing", "SEO") and still miss out on candidates who used different keywords in their resumes("digital marketer").
  • Missing keywords in resumes: While it's okay to search for "definitive" skills such as Python, using keywords that candidates may forget writing on their resume (e.g. "Test Driven Development" or "AWS SNS") may lead to losing otherwise relevant candidates.

Still want to use manual search?

We understand. There are times you want to take the control in your hands. Just go to the "Talent database" tab. Here, you can apply the filters on the left.

You can also do a boolean search in candidates' resumes

Click on the filter named "boolean search". Here you can type boolean search queries. To make it easier for you, we have supported the different operators that LinkedIn supports.

To quickly summarize, here are the operators and query words you can use:
  • OR: Search either one of the input keywords. 
    Example- marketing OR marketer
  • AND: Search all of the input keywords.
     Example- javascript AND typescript
  • NOT: Exclude resumes with specific keywords.
     Example- NOT recruiter
  • Quotes[" "]: Search phrases using quotes.
    Example- "Engineering manager"
  • Parenthesis(): Use this to specify the precedence order.
    Example- (java OR python) AND (javascript OR typescript)
  • Wildcard[*]: Use this to search parts of keywords.
    Query List of text it matches What it doesn't match
    recruit* recruiter, recruiting, recruitment  
    angular* angular, angular2, angularjs  
    angular angular angular2, angularjs
You can combine multiple such query words with operators.
  • ("react native" OR angular*) AND java
  • python NOT recruit*